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Some Creativities

Celebrating Happy Periods Day with Greeting Cards.

A lot of us celebrate days such as Mother’s Day, Friendship day, Father’s day to celebrate the spirit of the day’s respective cause/person. We often do so by exchanging gifts and cards with each other.

In the same way, to make periods Joyous instead of shameful, students, women, moth¬ers-daughters etc may exchange greeting cards that say- ‘Wishing you a Happy Periods Day!’

The card must also include a few important points to maintain effective menstrual health and management so that this card along with becoming a symbol of the celebration can also become an educational tool. (These tips are separately compiled at the end of this section)

How to Conduct Activity in Schools-

Teachers introduce the idea of celebrating the day to their students.

• Teachers may keep an hour aside for card-making activity approximately1 week before to 5th February 2020. This week can be celebrated as the Period Week.

• In case the school receives pre-made card templates the teachers can distribute them and ask the students to prepare the cards for their friends.

• Alternatively, the students can also draw their cards either at home or in their schools before 5TH February 2020.

• The girl students will then exchange cards among themselves, peers, siblings or their teachers etc on 5th February 2020 and take pictures, videos etc.

• The teachers will upload the pictures or videos on social media (Facebook, Insta¬gram, Twitter) with the hashtag #HappyPeriodsDay and #PushTheStigmaAway and also tag @fairgaze on their posts.

• The teachers may also send these pictures and videos to , so that they can uploaded.

• The best cards may also be displayed in the classrooms for the rest of the year so that the students can gain correct knowledge from the messages.

• Prizes will also be given for the following categories: Best Greeting Card, Teachers who conducted this activity in the most creative way and the schools that conducted this activity for the most number of students.

This activity can be carried out in the same way in communities, NGOs etc. Remember to share this on social media!

Periods Tips for Cards:

Normal : White Discharge a few days before and after periods is normal. Periods usually begin anywhere between 9-16 years for a girl. Generally, a single period lasts for 2-8 days.

Abnormal : If you are below 9 years old and you have already gotten your period or if you are above 17 years old and you still have not gotten your periods, you must visit a gynaecologist as these are both abnormal situations. If your period lasts for less than 2 days or for more than 8 days, you must visit a gynecologist as this is abnormal.

Alarming : If you are experiencing Itchiness, burning sensation in and around your vagina or your discharge is of any other color instead of white and smells foul, this could be an infection. You must visit a gynecologist immediately. If your bleeding is so heavy that you are having to change your pad every hour, you must immediately visit a gynecologist as this is an alarming situation. If your bleeding is still heavy even after the 4th day of your period, you may be losing excessive blood and you must immediately visit your gynecologist in this case.

Hygiene Tips : Always use fresh/clean pad or cloth to absorb menstrual blood. Always remember to change your pads/cloth within 6-8 hours. Always remember to wash your hands before and after putting the pad. Change your stained panty immediately to maintain hygiene and to avoid infections. Remember to wash your stained panties/clothes properly with soap and always hang them out to dry in the sunlight to kill any remaining infection. Always wrap used pad/cloth properly in a paper before disposing of it in a dustbin. Always wear a clean and dry panty.